I updated WordPress and I’m not sure why…

This was one of those upgrades where I should have checked what’s new. I should have made sure that all the new stuff I really wanted. Long blog entry short. It took me about 2 hours to disable the ‘new’ upload image thumbnailer. I never upload anything to my site that I haven’t already sized. The thumbnailer makes 192px sized photos of everything you upload (filling up your image folder with bunk). It indexes them into the database, which is nice – but how do I get the 150 OLD photos in there?? :confused: Then when you ‘drag and drop’ them into the editor it eats your hspace and vspace tags. So all of your cool thumbnailed, indexed, ID tagged pictres look dumb flush up against your text… /rant :mad:

The old upload.php is stil there – but not listed in the menu.php. I dropped it back in there and removed the inline-uploader crap from edit-form-advanced.php. Look at that! It still works! :D I then turned off the WYSIWYG editor in the options – as I’m a crotchety old man apparently.

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