Google, you’re a tricky bastard…

I haven’t seen AdSense ads on the rallynotes main page for like the past month. I just keep getting the friggen PSA’s on the home page. Now that I’ve upgraded WordPress I’ve been blaming just about everything on them. I can’t upload BMP’s. “Damn you WordPress!” I crash Photoshop trying to scale down a picture. “WTF? Maybe it’s WordPress!” I spill limeade all over myself while typing a post. “F*** you WordPress!” Okay, I’m kidding… Mostly… :|

So, I’m ready to pack this up to WordPress. It’s not Google. They are awesome. They are smart, and trading at what $400+ a share? It can’t be them… Wait a minute.

The word on the street says that some certain key words in your blog web journal will make a page into PSA fodder by AdSense. So I scan my page and discover that I have mentioned a casino hotel resort by name. :O I delete it, thinking – I’ve got to try something right? BAM! Google Ads back on the page after a 4 week hiatus.

I write content for content. I’m not some sleazy RSS agro spammer pulling text off 1000 websites to make my account rack up the cash. *Sheesh. I guess that’s what I have to contend with if I want to utilize their service.
If you start seeing PSA’s (That’s a Public Service Announcement for those of you not in the biz.) watch out for these blocker words, even if they are totally legitimate.