Report abuse, then ban their IP.

Report Abuse?Seeing as I manage a handful of WordPress sites, I often have to deal with comment spam. When I was running MT the main problem was that I didn’t have the tools to prevent it. Key words only go so far. If you ever wanted to post about the time you tried a male enhancing drug after a trip to a Vegas whore house… :| Well – no one would be able to comment about it without mentioning 20 of those key words and getting the comment sent to spam hell.

I still have some blacklist words and some common spam words setup in WordPress. The most effective technique is closing comments after 90 days and if you have more then 1 link in your comment it goes to automatic moderation. I’ve been very happy with this setup. There is usually only a handful of comments waiting in my moderation bucket with ‘real people’ able to post on the site instantly. Only the occasional spam squeaks by and lands on the site.

Yesterday I received several notifications of new comments. I took a glance and went right to ‘action stations’. :p Twenty or so spammer comments had already been posted so I used WP’s ‘mass edit mode’ to whip them out of there quick. I then turned ‘always moderate’ back on and noticed that they were all from the same IP range. The most spam I’ve received in the last year from one location – great. :|

I went to the host website and they looked receptive to reporting abuse. I don’t know if comment spam from an IP switching bot is in their Terms of Service, but I gave it a shot. This morning another full battery of 50 comments hit my bucket. Time to ban people.

inetnum: –
address: Inhoster
address: Poltavskij Shliax 24, Xarkov,
address: 61000, Ukraine
phone: +38 066 4633621
remarks: Abuse contacts:

Report abuse, then ban their IP… Then post all of their info on the net listing as spammers.
Sounds good to me. Comments are back on. :)