So what the hell Kris?

It seems as if every few years I remember I have a web log or *cough ‘blog‘ here at the home base – I once again will remind you that I’m usually busy over at with my rally adventures. As a spin off to rally, I recently got my amateur radio technician license and have been getting into a lot of new activities and clubs, etc. As an established geek, I’ll be posting about that from now on here. Check out the ham radio stuff on rallynotes if you want to keep up.

Christine pointed out to me that I still have posts from 2005 on the main page. :p
Speaking of the SunMoonStarsGirl, she has a new gallery up.

While you’re busy checking that stuff out – I’ll be working on my ARRL Field Day post.

Other top items:
I’m getting married in August. Honeymoon in Tahiti.
I started a motorsports company. I’m doing contract tech work in the mean time.
I still live in California.

-and we’re done here!

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