Icom IC-2200H cheap fan mod

Fan installed on IC-2200H

I wanted an elegant and not so permanent way to attach a 12v fan to my rig. It’s going to see use as net control and even at 5 watts – it gets hot after transmitting for a half hour. It’s also going to serve as a digipeater at an upcoming rally. I’ll show off the thermal controller once it’s built, so the fan is not running 100% of the time.

Parts: coat hanger, zip tie, $6 PC fan, $2 dust cover w/foam.
Pictures: IC-2200H fan mod here

Basically bend the coat hanger into this: |_|
Slide it into the back heatsink and tilt it forward.
Bend the ends into hooks. Hook the fan onto it.
Tilt it down and around the outside of the rear heatsink.
Zip tie it into place.
– Enjoy