Weighted Companion Cube – totally sweet sew craft

weighted companion cube life-size scale slip cover foot restHere he is! Our new, life-size, Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube – ready for action in the portal of our living room. Properly weighted and built to scale, our Companion Cube will help us with lots of mundane tasks around the apartment. :p

Take 2 yards of $1 dark grey fabric, 15 light grey felt squares*, 3 chopped rhubarb, 2 pink felt squares*, 1 Faux Suede Buff Storage Ottoman, about 4 hours of pattern cutting and easy stitching, and you too can have your very own! It’s basically a spiffy slip cover on an already cubed ottoman. The five sides are cut 16.5″ square (to accommodate for sewing), and then there are really only 4 other pieces: The 5.5″ corners, the 4″ centers, the 6″ circles, and the 4″ hearts. Check out my pattern for the Companion Cube here. (*aptly named felt “squares” were 12″ X 9″ at your local crafty store)

Check him out chillin’ in the living room. ♥

After playing the game Portal for 3 days straight a couple months ago, Christine and I remarked that these cubed ottomans (that we’re strangely so fond of) could easily be upgraded to Companion Cubes. As a surprise to Christine when she returned home from a conference – I sewed one up. Enjoy!

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