dual-head xubuntu xfce plus virtualbox xp = my new os

Dual headxubuntuXFCE+VirtualBoxXP

The number one reason for me not to upgrade to a linux os was simple: dual monitor support. I have a wacky setup as well. I have a 15″ warm flat screen CRT Samsung, and a 22″ glorious Acer LCD. 1024X768+1680X1050. I’ll detail my setup at some point, but here’s what went down…

Ubuntu live CD failed to even show up on one monitor. I searched on the internets and was told that KDE had a rough time with dual monitor support. I found out that Xfce handles dual monitors with ease. Discovered that Xubuntu is bundled with Xfce and Firefox and not some wacky Opera or Konquerer deal. After loading the Nvidia drivers automatically after install I configured twinview and was well on my way in one evening. I had heard about Virtual Box – but the pot was made sweeter when I found this post about seamless XP integration with Virtual Box.

Here is the magnificent geek screenshot.
For extra points the folder that’s open under XP is a shared drive, the wallpaper is mandolux, and I’m listening to somafm.com

Oh – Vista AND Windows 7 can suck it. :p

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