I can not be a Gmail Ninja. :(

Google Video Chat NO Linux VersionSadly, It looks like I will be stuck as a ‘white belt’ when it comes to my Google Gmail Ninja status. Today a New! Email Tips link appeared in gmail and that is when I learned the harsh truth.

You see, Google hasn’t really bothered to make a video chat client for Linux and I REALLY want them to. This is on their list of ‘green belt’ items, early on the path to becoming a Gmail master. They said back in November of 2008 that they would be working on it… If you want to get on the beta test list, clicky this: Gmail voice and video – Linux. I think that this would not be too hard to pull off considering they have a Mac client already (read: X distro on x86 32-bit hardware) I don’t want a rush their genius, but I know it’s probably down low on a ‘shit Google has to do today‘ list. :p Maybe this post will rustle up some priorities. Skype works great on Ubuntu BTW.

1 thought on “I can not be a Gmail Ninja. :(

  1. Would you be a regular user of voice/video chat? I know that’s like the future of t-com that we’ve all been seeing in movies for years, but just curious, as I don’t necessarily see myself using it. I don’t even know if the built-in webcam at the top of my laptop screen (that blinks a blue LED at me when the OS loads) even works, because I’ve never even tried it.

    Aside from that, I thought the Gmail ninja stuff was pretty cool. There were some features on the black belt level that I’ve been using for a while now. I tried setting up some of the newer stuff in labs, but maybe I picked too much before saving, because I don’t see some of it working.

    Even so, still my favorite freemail client.

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