What? No more Dell Mini 9? Oh well…

Dell Mini 9 Inspiron 910 end of lifeI’m typing this post on the last of a great little netbook from Dell. Yep, the Dell Mini 9 is confirmed by Engadget to be end of life. And what a short production run it had. Replaced by a 160GB spinning mechanical disk crammed inside the ‘I just can’t go any smaller then ten inches of screen’ Dell Mini 10. I’m uber glad I optioned it up with the extras – extras that will be that much harder to find in the coming months.

Oh well – their loss. A silent – super portable – network engineers pal for the last two months, my Inspiron 910 has been great for setting up routers, ssl vpn’s, remote controlling servers worth 20 times its cost, and keeping my iGoogle feeds at the ready for when customer downtime occurs.

Tonight’s project is to get DVD video ‘converted’ to a portable media format I can watch on the upcoming summer air trips. 3.5 hours of battery is enough time to watch a movie or two…

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06 2009

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    That’s a bummer. I was hoping to hold out and pick one up later this year. Figured they might have another sub-$200 deal somewhere for the holidays with a bit more memory/storage.

    Drat. Would have been nice to see where the SSD technology went in a year or so. Then again, maybe there’s a way to yank the HD and replace it with an array of SD card slots. Load it up with 10X16GB and, while I’m dreaming, some Bilsteins…

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