Stand up desk for home.

Stand up while you work at home! There is a time and a place for a super comfy chair and that time has passed. All Ikea inexpensive, the BJÖRKUDDEN is a kitchen table that is at the perfect height for someone above 6′. The 29″ FRANKLIN is a ‘chair stool’ that folds up flat and is just nice for when you occasionally want a seat, but not comfy enough that you want to sit in it all day. The PC sits on a TRULS which has wheels and makes frequent PC upgrades a snap. I found you can’t clutter your desk when you only have four square feet of space. The paperwork hits the cabinet while you get down to business.

This continues my work done four years ago on converting my cubicle to a stand up workstation.

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01 2010

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    That’s pretty cool, actually. I find that, a lot of the time lately, I end up doing the online thing from the couch, which is super comfy, although often good for a sore neck from either looking downward too far or off to the right when the laptop rests on the arm. I’m still relatively new to the whole freedom to compute from wherever provided by laptops.

    At the same time, when I have the “shop-top” Ubuntu lappy out in the garage (all the better to stream Pandora while turning wrenches), I find that I have no trouble at all posting updates on progress to Twitter and forums while checking email; standing all the while.

    I like that set up. I might have to look into that.

  2. Kevin McDonald #

    Last Friday I had a “brainstorm” about sitting all day long. I wondered about standing at my desk instead. A quick Google search revealed I wasn’t the only one who had this idea.

    I’m wondering – after you converted your cube several years ago, have you published your results, progress, trials, errors, etc.? I’d be curious to know how it has gone for you.


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