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Old? No… Old school!

The classic.I need to scrounge the eco-yards for one of these. The thing had a beam scanner the size of a loaf of bread inside. I’ve worked on a few in my day and we got into a ‘how old are you by what hardware you’ve worked on’ type discussion at work. This occured naturally because my cubicle was happybirthdaybombed with sparkles, streamers and balloons. Any good geek will tell you the most they’ve ever paid for the least ammount of HDD. Example: I once bought a 250MB for $270. Another favorite is the first computer they hacked. Example: I turned my Atari 400 into an alarm system for my room. God I loved solid state controllers!

2.2 kids squared

I’ve spent the last few nights reading ‘The universe in a nutshell’ by Stephen Hawking. It’s a ‘heavy’ bedtime book, but I digress. In one of the chapters, Hawking talks about the exponential population explosion that’s happened in the last 1000 years. He brings up his concern that;

By year 2600 the Earth’s population will be standing shoulder to shoulder and the amount of electricity we use would make the earth glow hot.

Now Hawking has been often compared to the likes of Einstein and Newton when it comes to his understanding of the universe. So, when he makes his concerns for the future of humankind known, it carries a little more weight in my mind then some greenhouse gas study picked up by the associated press.

But it seems that this idea may be wrong. This morning I caught an article by Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole Earth catalog, that brings to light the U.N.’s data on population.

Human population is leveling off rapidly, even precipitously, in developed countries, with the rest of the world soon to follow. Most environmentalists still haven’t got the word. Worldwide, birthrates are in free fall. Around one-third of countries now have birthrates below replacement level (2.1 children per woman) and sinking. Nowhere does the downward trend show signs of leveling off.

He goes on to suggest embracing Nuclear power such as the same way we embraced clean automobiles. We need cars, lets make clean cars. We need power, let’s get the cleanest power per dollar. Check it out:
Environmental Heresies – By Stewart Brand

Up and down days.

I believe in the cosmic universe of balance. Where random positives and negatives cancel out to nothing. There is as much white as black, heat as cold, big as small.

I’ve spent the last few days riding the cosmic waves. Starting a temp job that I thought would be boring and tedious, turned into a good challenging full time gig. (awaiting the “official” announcement – i.e. to cash the check) Listing the Subaru in AutoTrader for 3 weeks and getting zero calls, so I popped it on eBay and now have a serious buyer. The boat is lashing to and fro. Hang onto the mast or we’re going swimming!

There was some pretty low fog here this morning and I didn’t see the shiny tangle of sharp metal on the right side of the road until the last second. Shkrrrring! POOF. Thud, thud, thud, THUD, THUD, PULL, OVER, THUD, flap… fwip. I’m like 1/4 mile from work. Shit.

tpt.gifThe rear right tire on the Malibu has a 2″ gash in the sidewall. There is no way I could plug or save the tire. I get back in the car, put the hazards on, and thud to work. I’ll go out during lunch and change over to the spare. I’m glad we just rotated the fronts to the back two weeks ago. I can get away with getting only 1 new tire at $112 mounted and balanced for Christine’s car. This, plus the new job and the sale of the Subaru brings the cosmic tally back to zero.

Living Las Vegas

ghetto_rider_sm.jpgHeaded up the I-15 with the other 1.2 bajillion people wanting a weekend in the desert. We left Saturday morning and made quick work of the 275 miles. Christine and I hit the strip for the second time.

Now we had a plan. Having been here before prevented us from suffering sensory overload. We started at the Aladdin, looked for grandma. Got a hold of Tine’s Aunt Linda – still couldn’t find the elusive grammy. Went up to the NY-NY to hit the Manhattan Express Coaster. Worked our way over to the Sahara and hit the Speed Coaster. At this pont we had satisfied our requirements for the weekend.

Back to the Aladdin to meet up with Grandma and crew. We grabbed the car and hustled over to the Rio. Hustled being a better word for “Drove like I was in New York.” Cars going everywhere, taxis, no-U-turns. Zip-zip.

At the Rio they have one of the famous Vegas Buffets we couldn’t find last time we were here. I settled in to the first strike. Here there are no rules like “no breakfast with dinner” or “no cookies with meat.” It’s anything goes! So I grabbed 4 tuna rolls, 2 CA rolls, some soybeans, and a pound of pulled pork. :D Sushi & BBQ – Andrew would be proud.
buffet.jpgWe played the slots a little. We enjoyed ourselves. But this trip cemented the fact that Kris & Christine are not Vegas people. I have a bit of a sore throat and Tine has a cold. The smokers everywhere didn’t help. If you time portaled from 1950 with a pack of Chesterfields in your pocket you would be happy to see that you can still enjoy a smoke. Smoke two. Ashtrays in the urinals.

Sunday it rained… This happens apparently whenever we show up. It’s a sign. Enjoyed another brunch buffet with some more of Christine’s aunt’s friends. We left in the downpour at 2:00.

Jobs and stuff.

I got a temporary gig working for a tech company in Irvine. It’s easy work and it pays better then the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have other things on the horizon as well.

This Saturday, Christine and I are headed out to Las Vegas. Her grandmother and aunt are making a big trip out. We decided to book a cheap hotel and spend a night out there. We want to hit some of the coasters out there – but I’m not sure we’ll have a lot of time. More of a trip to see Gram and company then a trip to see sin city.

Be spontaniously creative. Go!

I’m quite creative and imaginative at times. The problem is you can never quite tell when it’s going to happen. I’ve gotten used to sitting around waiting for creativity to strike. Sometimes I can induce it with music, or mood, but mostly it comes on it’s own.

The downside is I struggle through things until the magic imagination starts. I’ve worked on things for hours or days, only to tear up what I started and wail down something a hundred times better in about 10 minutes.

Our “Road Trip USA” is putting me on the spot. It’s turned up the heat. Create quality entertaining content while you upload 300 pictures, get gas, find food, oh – and drive across the country! Preview, crop, size, tag, upload, email, publish. I’m getting in the swing of typing posts while on the road. Tine is a lot better at it. I would say that my best work is in the photos. I’m really trying to capture some great shots. About 10% of what I take doesn’t make the cut.

For example: I re-worked Postcard number 7 about 4 times. Then I deleted it and started again. This is tough when you have one night to create and upload.

So I say: “Content shouldn’t matter so much.” We are having the time of our lives. A great adventure. One that I’ll tell stories about forever. Look for more from myself and Christine as we finish up our trip across country. Time for me to get some more sleep.