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Fabulous doublespeak Orwellian quote from someone who just stopped running for office in the US:

And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror. – Mitt Romney

So, if the republicans don’t win the terrorists do?
Oh I see… Did you mean that the terrorists don’t vote republican?
A vote for a some other party is a vote for terrorism? Yes? No?
Let me get this right… Don’t vote for democrats because they ARE terrorists?

Dude… STFU

I’m hoping that no mater where you stand politically that you would never flatly agree to that statement. I believe that this country was founded on people who loaded up on wooden ships and sailed the fuck away from people like Mitt Romney.

*Now back to our regularly scheduled programming – already in progress…


papers national IDThis will be voted on 5/10/2005, call your senators!
Here’s what California Senator Dianne Feinstein said:

I believe that the Federal government should have the ability to issue standards that all state-issued driver’s licenses and identification documents should meet. The issue is how should this be done, phased in and paid for. And I think that the Senate needs to examine these issues and help ensure it is not an unfunded mandate on the states.

Finally, I also am a strong supporter of Operation Gatekeeper and completion of the border fence, which is one of the bill’s provisions.

Now that we live in Communist China, might as well finish the great wall. /sarcasm

Check out Bill Scannell’s site

2.2 kids squared

I’ve spent the last few nights reading ‘The universe in a nutshell’ by Stephen Hawking. It’s a ‘heavy’ bedtime book, but I digress. In one of the chapters, Hawking talks about the exponential population explosion that’s happened in the last 1000 years. He brings up his concern that;

By year 2600 the Earth’s population will be standing shoulder to shoulder and the amount of electricity we use would make the earth glow hot.

Now Hawking has been often compared to the likes of Einstein and Newton when it comes to his understanding of the universe. So, when he makes his concerns for the future of humankind known, it carries a little more weight in my mind then some greenhouse gas study picked up by the associated press.

But it seems that this idea may be wrong. This morning I caught an article by Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole Earth catalog, that brings to light the U.N.’s data on population.

Human population is leveling off rapidly, even precipitously, in developed countries, with the rest of the world soon to follow. Most environmentalists still haven’t got the word. Worldwide, birthrates are in free fall. Around one-third of countries now have birthrates below replacement level (2.1 children per woman) and sinking. Nowhere does the downward trend show signs of leveling off.

He goes on to suggest embracing Nuclear power such as the same way we embraced clean automobiles. We need cars, lets make clean cars. We need power, let’s get the cleanest power per dollar. Check it out:
Environmental Heresies – By Stewart Brand

Who talks like this?

The next time you’re in a meeting, say this:

I’m going to validate business and statistical assumptions for better metric preparation. These tactical reports will allow us to quantify our time and cost.

At this point, if anyone in your meeting nods their head, slap them.
The other day, the boss slid the term ‘tactical metrics’ into a meeting. I asked if we were going to learn how to field strip a Glock.