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Kicking the ol’style sheets.

Christine's SiteI finished moving Tine’s site to WordPress last night. I moved the data over from MT a while ago, and only now had a chance to sit down and whip up a template. The first one I did was for planetkris and the second was for rallynotes. As far as page complexity, rallynotes is a repeating background and two nested tables in HTML. :) I made Christine’s site a little more colorful and tweaked some other things.

Unlike MT, I have some idea of what WP is doing in the background. I can at any point, open up the PHP hood and tweak a few settings. All of the templates use the same CSS tags, so if I see something on a forum or another site I like, I can grab it and tweak it into my home.

I found a sweet as in free GNU CSS editor called JustStyle CSS Editor over at It shows all the CSS tags possible in a list, so you can quickly hunt down what you want to change, or remember the more obscure tags like ‘background-attachment’.

Side note – some of you may have seen that Matt from recently got pWn3d by Google for hosting hundreds of hidden indexed pages off of’s site. I still love WP and I’m still loyal – but I removed the default WP link off the bottom of all of my pages.


Font smoothing exampleStep one. Turn font smoothing on. No, not you Mac kids… :) In Windows, go to display properties, appearance, and click on the “Effects…” button. Check the box that says “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:” Select “ClearType” from the drop-down menu. Hit apply.

There, that’s better. I don’t want to hear any complaints like “now my fonts are blurry!” They’re not blurry, they’re smooth. Plus the’re kerned almost right. Meaning “It lo ok s be t t er th an thi s.”

I’ve spent about 4 hours working on the WordPress templates. They use standard tags, but it still took me a while to get sorted. They apply font sizes and types all over the place. Sometimes using “font : Century Gothic” and sometimes “font face : normal 12px Century Gothic.” Sometimes they define the typeface in #content as well as in #body. So even when you change one, you may need to go back and find the other.

Side note: I removed the rallynotes entries and catagory. I added the popcoaster catagory and entries.

popcoaster; Was a stand-alone coaster site of mine that I created in the hopes of selling some of my artwork. Specifically in the form of T-Shirts. Four months of a CafePress paid site, and I got nothing… So the coaster reviews and pictures will be incorporated back into .

blog puke…

I’ve learned a lot in the last 4 days. I’ve learned that the term “propigate” is bullshit and knows it. I’ve learned that trying to set your nameserver remotely through 2 SSH sessions is futile.

WordPress rocks… so far.

The MT importer worked better then I thought – and I really don’t care about permalinks.
You’ll notice content here. It’ll be cleaned up soon. Explanation: MT hack back in the day.

Changes locked out – we ditch Six Apart.

lockout.gifI’m moving to my new hosting (BlueHost) in March. Well, I’m there now – but it will take that long to transfer the DNS :rolleyes: Linux hosting, lots of bandwidth for rally videos. More uptime then a cable modem in Portland, ME. :)

In the process of changing hosting I will dump Movable Type / Six Apart. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been “real fun.” I’m looking strongly into b2evolution. It’s php based, but we’ve come a long way from the original “post nuke”, and I don’t need a content management system. I need a blog.

What’s this mean to you? You may not be able to post comment spam. ;) You won’t be able to search or see the picture gallery. The site should be “static” but up.

Thank you for your attention. We know you have many choices of websites to fly with, and we thank you for flying with So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the crash…

– Kris

Changes locked out.

lockout.gifTomorrow I will be re-locating the server. In the meantime the sites will stay up, but no changes can be made, comments added, and the gallery will be down. You will notice a little drag as a Windows 2K desktop attempts to hand out web pages. :lol:

Look for that to happen as soon as midnight tonight, or early tomorrow morning, and last until Wednesday afternoon.

This is in final preparation for the move to California. With the server re-located, we will be able to blog from the road, add pictures, and document our cross country trip.

Update: If you can read this – the server is back up and chugging.